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Dance Leotards in a Range of Sizes & Styles


Dance Leotards

Our leotards are sweet, whimsical, super soft, practical and comfortable. They are a combination of top quality at a great price. Options include leotards with a cap sleeve or tutu, and long-sleeve, camisole, and tank-top leotards. Sizes range from 2 to 4 years (T), 4 to 6 years (S), 6 to 7 years (I), and 8 to 10 years (M).

Dance Skirts & Tops

Our girls pull-on dance skirts are a perfect addition to our basic leotards. Available in soft fabrics, multi layers and delicate details. Sizes range T/S I/M and L/XL. Tops come in sequin and ruffle designs and are a perfect complement to the tutus. The tops come in four sizes - extra small 2, small 3/4, medium 5/6, and large 7/8. Our multi-layered tutus are soft and colorful, with the most popular option being the Poppy™ and Paulina™ tutus. The sizes for the tutus/skirts are donut tutu, baby tutu, small/medium, and large/extra large.

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